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AETHER REALM - The Magician (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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Official Aether Realm Merchandise: Order the "Tarot" re-issues here: Director - Jaraad Nageer Cinematographer - Ana Maria Manso Costume designer - Viridian Siren Haze Technician - Becky Wentworth The Hero - Logan Lawson The Sacrifice - Pirate Meme Guy Cult Leader - Vincent Jones Cultist - Heinrich Arnold Cultist - Donny Burbage Cultist - Tyler Gresham Acolyte - George Yiznitsky Acolyte - Nick Rowlett Filmed at Mystery Meadow Farm - Afton, TN Titles and Credits - Church Grim Post Production - CITREA Thanks to On The Mark Media. Special thanks to Jessie, Fedge, Ashley and Handsome Duck for keeping our spirits high.
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