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Danny Elfman - "Happy"

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"Happy" by Danny Elfman Stream & download: Music and Lyrics by Danny Elfman Produced by Danny Elfman and Randall Dunn Engineered by Noah Snyder Vocals, Guitars & Synths by Danny Elfman Drums - Josh Freese Guitars - Nili Brosh Bass - Stu Brooks Additional Synth design by Randall Dunn “HAPPY” VIDEO & ARTWORK Directed by Aron Johnson Art Direction by Berit Gwendolyn Gilma 3d Photography: Sarah Sitkin Orchestrated by Steve Bartek Midi Prep – Marc Mann and Orlando Perez Rosso Copyist – Scott McRae Orchestra - Budapest Scoring Orchestra Orchestra Producer - Bálint Sapszon Mixed by Randall Dunn at...
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