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Bagley Cartoon: Our Foxy Friends

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Bagley Cartoon: Our Foxy Friends
This Pat Bagley cartoon appears in The Salt Lake Tribune on Thursday, June 14, 2018.&lt;br&gt;You can check out the past 10 Bagley editorial cartoons below:&lt;br&gt; <a href="" target=""><u>Check Back Later</u></a>&lt;br&gt; <a href=""><u>Seat of Power</u></a>&lt;br&gt; <a href=""><u>Undoing Obama’s Legacy</u></a>&lt;br&gt;<a href=""><u>EPA’s Scott Pruitt and Free Stuff</u></a>&lt;br&gt; <a href=""><u>The Utah Swamp</u></a>&lt;br&gt;<a href=""><u>Hard to See</u></a>&lt;br&gt;<a href=""><u>This Is America</u></a>&lt;br&gt;<a href=""><u>Pardon Power</u></a>&lt;br&gt;<a href=""><u>God Flies First Class</u></a>&lt;br&gt; <a href=""><u>Master Class in Dog Whistling</u></a>&lt;br&gt; Want more Bagley? <a href=""><u>Become a fan on Facebook.</u></a>
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